Convergence of Two Script Systems

from 14:00



Presentations and discussion with Nadine Chahine (Frankfurt), Eps51 (Berlin), Pascal Zoghbi (Beirut)
Moderation: Antje Weitzel (Berlin)

For a long time the number of Arabic computer fonts was very limited. It was only with the development of new digital technologies such as Open Type that designers such as Nadine Chahine and Pascal Zoghbi began to satisfy the growing demand for new Arabic fonts by developing numerous corporate typefaces for different companies or as equivalent for Latin fonts. Nadine Chahine works for Linotype in Bad Homburg where she has developed fonts such as Koufiya, Frutiger Arabic, Helvetica Arabic and many more. With 29arabicletters, Pascal Zoghbi directs his own type design label in Lebanon, developing fonts for clients such as Google Android or the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha. The Berlin graphic studio Eps51 has specialised among other things in bilingual design using Arabic and Latin scripts. The discussion will mainly focus on this particular challenge: besides having to design for different languages, it is also about integrating two completely different linguistic script systems, each with their own optical characteristics and opposite directions for writing and reading.