Auditory Alexandria


Discussion about the
“Alexandria Streets Project” with
Omar Hatem (Alexandria), Berit Schuck,
Julia Tieke (Berlin)
Moderation: Marcus Gammel (Berlin)

The Alexandria Streets Project is a radio art project about the Egyptian city Alexandria. Composed from interviews, sound documents, and field recordings, it creates an acoustic map of the city. The piece explores the psychogeography of Alexandria by connecting past, present and future—as well as personal memories from the revolutionary year of 2011—with dreams and plans. In discussion with Omar Hatem, who co-founded the Egyptian online radio Radio Tram and is a local partner of the project, the curators Berit Schuck and Julia Tieke will talk about the research and production process in Alexandria. Subsequently, a website will be presented that was designed by Eps51 as a “sonic map” containing all sound files in both Arabic and English.